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firstly, we conduct a consultation where we will go through in detail your fitness goals, health, lifestyle and nutrition.
We will then go through several fitness and mobility tests to which help to indicate your general strength, cardiovascular fitness, mobility and flexibility.  This can be done in person or over the phone (please bear in mind the fitness tests will be done at a later date if the consultation is conducted via a phone call). One condition of participating in personal training is that you have fully completed a par-q, and if need be are cleared by your gp to take part in physical activity.


There are two options depending on your requirements.

We bring the gym to you

If privacy is very important to you, and you want to maximise the time you have available to train, then one of our experienced personal trainers will come to you and train you in the privacy of your own home or outside in your local park.

You don’t need a home gym or a huge amount of space. A small room or garden is all that is needed.

Sessions are booked around your schedule, whether that is early morning, late in the evening, or on a lunch break at work. You will maximise your available time, whilst receiving the ultimate bespoke personal training service.

Crowded gyms are a thing of the past.

You come to me in Kensington

I am located at luxurious Royal Garden Hotel, next to Kensington Gardens in High Street Kensington. We have the latest in functional training equipment, giving you the most up-to-date and research-driven personal training experience in London.

Royal Garden Hotel London

2-24 Kensington High St, London W8 4PT, United Kingdom

Whether you choose home visits or sessions at the studio, you are guaranteed the absolute highest level of care and expertise from me or my experienced Team.

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