Although I receive requests for personal training all over the country, it’s often not logistically possible to work one on one with a client.
I have set up the online coaching programme to tackle this problem and enable me to work remotely with clients anywhere in the world.


If you are interested in the Online Training Program you will need to send me an e-mail. If possible provide with me details that i contact you in real time, for example via a phone call. 


After you send an email that you are interested in the Online Training Program, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire to help me understand your goals, circumstances and preferences. You will also complete a par-q so i can assess if it is safe for you to partake in physical activity and my guidance and supervision. If I am unsure if it is safe for you to train, i may ask for letter from your GP to verify it is safe for you to exercise. 

There are several types of packages that we offer for online training. Once your questionnaire has been processed, you will be contacted to discuss the different options available, any further information needed to help in achieve your goals as quickly as possible and your chance to ask any questions you have for us.

Online Training
Once everything is satisfactory from both sides, we can proceed with online training.

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