Hooda Saad (Arabic Singer)

I’ve been working out with Aaron for a year now and it’s truly been a life changing experience.
I’ve found him to be knowledgeable but more importantly he is very genuine and truly cares about his athletes.
I’ve always been fairly active but never really tried or pushed myself too hard. Aaron has been really good at motivating me to not only push myself during my workouts with him, but even during my own workouts.
Trust me when I say I am NOT one to get up and work out a lot, but since I’ve been working out with him I’ve worked out at least 4 times a week on average and it hasn’t felt like a chore. I’ve even had days when I’ve come home from being out with friends and I’ve gotten on the treadmill for 20min at 10pm just to get that run in.  The consistency of working out over a longer period of time has allowed me to shift my perception of workouts as something you “gotta get in” to something that I actually look forward to.
I also really love that he’s great at modifying workouts based on how I’m feeling that day or if I have a sore muscle.
He is genuine and energetic and always boosts your spirits even when you really really don’t want to be working out.

Georgina Badine (Generalist Credit Manager)

I begun training with Aaron in March 2009 after someone at the club recommended him as a trainer and it is safe to say that I made the right decision. From the outset, Aaron asked me what my goals were and what kind of time frame I was looking at. The results have been nothing short of outstanding as in a short space of time I have both toned and lost weight. Everyone from family to friends to colleagues at work have noticed this and have asked me what I have done to achieve such results!
I also have a lot more energy than before which is extremely important, given the line of work I am in.
Aaron has helped improve my stamina while building my confidence in a range of exercises from boxing, to cardio to machines and even dancing. Aaron is both extremely approachable and friendly as a trainer, but also extremely professional and qualified. He understands what exercises help different parts of the body, and really motivates his clients to reach their full potential.
I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with him as he helps me get one step closer to my goal while providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Aaron does not simply help his own clients, but also always strives to help anyone at the club.
I have often seen him assist clients who are struggling or doing an exercise incorrectly which demonstrates that he is always willing to go the extra mile. It is no surprise that Aaron is one of the most popular and sought after trainers at Virgin Active as he is able to achieve results whilst combining a friendly and dedicated approach.

Soraya Purwadi (Independent Contractor)

I started my PT sessions with Aaron two months ago and one thing is for sure – if you are serious about changing your body and you are willing to follow Aaron’s instructions – you will see the change you are after. I see Aaron four times a week and I look forward to our sessions. I have been using PTs for the last 10 years, from Amsterdam, to Singapore, Dallas and New York. Even now, Aaron still gives me exercises I have not done before. Aaron is dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced. I recommend him wholeheartedly!

Virat Kohli (Indian Cricket Team)

Whilst competing in the 2017 ICC champions trophy in the UK, we were training in between our matches in our hotel.
During this time we met Aaron and were very impressed with his knowledge of fitness and how he could implement his methods to help improve our fitness and performance over the tournament and for our general sporting careers.
He helped improve our strength and mobility, with many innovative exercises that were new to us.
As a result Aaron comes highly recommended, with patience and humour he will get the most out of your body and make training a lot of fun!

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