From my experience of being a personal trainer for over 10 years to competing
on stage as a fitness competitor and fitness modeling I have developed the skills and knowledge to get you results as quickly as possible.
After injuring my knee as a teenager, I fell in love with fitness through rehabilitation and learned how quickly it can change every aspect of your life and relationships.

I realized exercise wasn’t just about the noticeable effects on your body but about gaining confidence, decreasing stress and an overall feeling of well-being.
My journey within fitness has lead me on many different paths;
from training a wide variety of people with different goals and health concerns, 
placing 4th at the national championships and being part of major advertising campaigns for companies such as Virgin Active.

My speciality lies in body sculpting which I have extensive experience in from my time competing at fitness model events and doing fitness modeling. I emphasise on making exercise as fun as possible without compromising hard work and achieving results with a range of different techniques such as HIIT, boxing,and anti gravity yoga.

Since working within fitness, my expertise include designing and implementing individually based training programs to help clients reach their desired goals, alongside implementing nutrition plans that complement the workouts to achieve maximum results.
I also prepare athletes for fitness competitions, working on posing, stage presence as well as the training and nutrition to give you
that competitive edge!

Recently Aaron’s hard work and dedication to his craft has lead to him being nominated and awarded as one of the top online coaches in the industry.

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   My Qualifications


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • B.A.W.L.A level 1
    (british advanced weight lifting award)
  • YMCA award in circuit training
  • YMCA level 3 award in nutrition for physical activity & healthy living 
  • Level 1 & 2 KTA Advanced kettle bell instructor
  • Certified TRX suspension training instructor
  • TRX rip trainer instructor
  • Level 1 & 2 Advanced Boxercise instructor
  • VIPR Certified 
  • Certified Iron ZUU Instructor
  • ZUU level 1 instructor 
  • Certified Anti Gravity Yoga instructor


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